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Our Impact

We are committed to continuous improvement and a data-informed culture.

While Bellevue has consistently high reading rates compared to the state, gaps within the student population are large.


Only around half of Hispanic and Black students met the standard for reading in 2016 (compared to at least 80 percent of other students), and a quarter scored at the lowest level.


Read more about this data around our core indicators, as well as data relating to other outcomes in our 2016 Community Report.

Community Reports

Our community reports present an annual snapshot of essential data and stories of change.

Data Dashboard

Our dashboards take it a step further. They provide greater detail about the core indicators and introduce other factors that contribute to those outcomes.

Promotores Project

The Promotores project engaged with and trained eight Latino community members to lead change in their community.

Positive Pathways

Read about some of the early outcomes of our work.

We are transforming the way our community works
to positively impact the lives of children and youth.