Partner Profile: Jubilee REACH

What role does Jubilee REACH play in the community?

Located in the heart of Bellevue’s most diverse neighborhood, Jubilee REACH provides educational enrichment, resources and support to affirm youth, sustain stable families, build community and transform lives. Jubilee REACH’s role is to instill, invest and inspire the community of business, organizations, government and churches to “love their neighbor”, step in the gap and provide resources to other who has none. Jubilee REACH functions, not as the solution, but a conduit for the community to engage their neighbors in needs.

How do you get this work done?

Our mission is to engage the community of Bellevue, with its time, talents, and resources, to be a critical part in the lives of their neighbors in their very own neighborhoods. In turn, youth and their families are provided the resources, support and hope they need to thrive. Jubilee REACH programs provide Resources, Education, Assistance, Community & Hospitality to youth and families on the margins.  Programs such as Before and After school care, ESL Classes, Tutoring, Sports Leagues, Rock Band, Robotics, Community Care, Dental and Medical Clinics and many more are built upon the mission to sustainably meet the needs of the community.

What are ways people can get involved with Jubilee REACH?

Volunteer, Donate and Partner – We desire for people to love, listen to and learn from their neighbors and through that, be inspired to use their resources to volunteer, mentor, advocate, give and invest on the behalf of their neighbors in need.  

How will being a part of Eastside Pathways make a difference for Jubilee REACH?

Eastside Pathways is a partner of Jubilee REACH and supports the efforts we provide the community. This initiative will help drive awareness and resources that are needed to fill the gaps of support that exist in our community.