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Promotores Project

Period: September 2016 – June 2017

Successfully engaged and trained eight members of the Latino community to be Promotors (leaders) and expand their opportunities for education, employment,  and professional development.

“Being a Promotores and working on this project has matched my passion for learning and helping my community. I want to stay involved and continue the work.”
– Reflections of a promotor
The Focus
  • Authentically engage with the local Latino community through grassroots community outreach to develop local community leaders.
  • Have a better understanding of the needs of the community and identify gaps and areas of interest and engagement.
The Work
  • September 2016: Identify the eight members through applications
  • September – December 2016: 30 hours of training the Promotors in leadership, development, and community outreach. Additionally, in-person Community Surveys conducted and findings prepared
  • January – May: 20 hours of training and planning (as a team) to create the community event to share community survey findings.

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The Impact
  • Promotors
    • 8 Community Promotores trained
    • Very positive feedback from the 8 Promotors on their personal learning and growth – they continue to be engaged in the community – one of them was hired by a nonprofit partner.
  • Community survey and event
    • 170 Latino/Hispanic families interviewed
    • 100 families attended
    • Latino community felt heard through the Community Survey & the Spring Community Event
  • Partner organizations deeply interested in the Community Survey findings.
  • Desire from the community to continue to support Promotores & Latino community voice.
The Learnings
  • Insights
    • By building capacities of local community members and linking them to organizations, partners, and community leaders we can make an impact – one child, one adult, and one community at a time.
  • Challenges
    • Ensure funding to support it as ongoing effort to hear community voice/input. Also “Ownership by the Community” – Ideally have a Latino community organization lead this work.
Next Steps

Have set up a task force with some of Eastside Pathways Partner organizations to explore how to take move forward.

The Team
  • Mercedes Cordova-Hakim, the trainer (an independent consultant)
  • Cathy Habib, lead facilitator at Eastside Pathways
  • Alma Gonzalez, community member
  • Eastside Pathways staff and volunteers
  • Eastside Pathways partner organizations
    • Jubilee REACH
    • Bellevue School District
    • Bellevue Schools Foundation
    • Eastside Latino Leadership Forum
    • Bellevue YMCA
    • City of Bellevue
    • SOAR

Cathy Habib, Lead Facilitator, Eastside Pathways