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Backbone Staff

EPStaff_Stephanie Cherrington
Stephanie Cherrington
Executive Director
Stephanie is a 15-year veteran of the high-tech and wireless industries in marketing, sales, and operations. Earlier she was Executive Director of Explorations in Math (now Zeno Math) where she continues to serve on the board of directors.
EPStaff_Sujata Agrawal
Sujata Agrawal
Communications & Operations Manager
Sujata has a wealth of experience in Marcom strategy, storytelling, content creation and project management. She has been providing consulting expertise for many organizations including the City of Bellevue, The Sophia Way, and Social Venture Partners.

Backbone Volunteer Staff

EPStaff_Cathy Habib
Cathy Habib
Cathy is the Lead Facilitator for the collaboratives, and is passionate about education and early learning. She has been an active PTA volunteer at her kids’ schools, a VIBES volunteer, and is currently on the board of Bellevue Schools Foundation.
EPStaff_Chris Enslein
Chris Enslein
Chris is the Facilitator for the School Readiness collaborative. She was on the Lake Washington Schools Foundation Board and was involved in PTSA for several years. She served as a Regional Legislative Chair and on the State Legislative Committee.
EPStaff_Betsy Johnson
Betsy Johnson
Betsy is the Facilitator for the Summer and Extended Learning collaborative. She has been active in education in Bellevue and Washington State for 13+ years. She has been a past PTSA and Bellevue Schools Foundation president, and Bellevue School Board member.
EPStaff_Monica Steen
Monika Steen
Monika is the Facilitator for the Career Pathways collaborative. She is also involved in Social Venture Partners working on projects to help investee nonprofits. Earlier she worked as an auditor and consultant for Ernst & Young, and McKinsey in Europe.

We believe it is our shared responsibility to serve and support all children
and youth in our community in an open-minded and dignified manner.