What We Do

We aim to provide every child the opportunities they need to thrive and fulfill their potential.

We use the collective impact framework with guidance from StriveTogether to engage and align public and private community organizations that are already supporting children. We mobilize them to work more collaboratively and leverage their collective knowledge, expertise, and capacity to improve systems for children and youth.


The evidence-based collective impact framework allows organizations to build “civic infrastructure” so that all children receive a high-quality education. This approach to educational equity is one that requires communities to hold themselves collectively accountable for student success from cradle to career and to continuously improve their support to children by letting data drive action and decision-making.

We mobilize, convene, and facilitate

The backbone mobilizes and facilitates the partnership (a group of more than 60 partner organizations) to work collectively to build systems to ensure positive outcomes for our children.

We align and leverage resources

We use the collective impact framework to bring our partners together to work better and smarter than they could alone. Our partners now have a better understanding of who does what and how each can support one another’s efforts, reducing gaps and overlaps in services to work toward common goals.

We are data-informed

We are committed to continuous improvement and a data-informed culture. We leverage the data expertise of our partners and use data to understand problems, identify goals, and track metrics that define progress towards our goals.

We have a common agenda and shared measurement systems

We follow research-based strategies and develop plans for successful implementation. Our partners work together in collaboratives (work groups and projects) that focus on goal areas that need improving, and also develop campaigns. We track continuous improvement to achieve our common goals.

We mobilize our partners to work more collaboratively and leverage their collective knowledge, expertise, and capacity to support children from cradle to career.