Promotores Project - Eastside Pathways
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Promotores Project

In September 2016, Eastside Pathways brought the Promotores Project to the Eastside to address the need for authentically engaging the local Hispanic community. Eight Hispanic community members—Bellevue residents representing a mix of ages, nationalities, and genders—were selected for training and certification as promotores. Their role was to act as liaisons for information, education, and outreach between families and organizations.

After initial training, the promotores chose to develop and conduct surveys asking community members about needs and issues around housing, education, and healthcare. They also identified current levels of knowledge in areas of high interest and need within the community.

Members of the Eastside Pathways Promotores Task Force

Daniel Astudillo, Brent Christie & Carlos Wilcuts, Jubilee REACH

Josh Sutton, Bellevue YMCA

Shomari Jones, Bellevue School District

Mark Manuel, City of Bellevue

Dr. Diana Lindner, Pediatrician/Eastgate Public Health (retired)

Alma Gonzalez, Parent Bellevue School District

Luis Ortega, Story Tellers for Change

Cathy Habib & Stephanie Cherrington, Eastside Pathways Backbone

“I felt like we are finally bringing results to our community
and  our voices are being heard.”- Reflection from a promotor